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InGame Features

The ODU InGame App is taking us to the next level by immersing our fans in the game day experience.
Dr. Camden Wood Selig
Director of Athletics
Old Dominion University

InGame provides real-time, home game statistics right from the scorer's table by utilizing a user interface tailored to the Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android smart phones. The app covers home games for Men's & Women's Basketball and Football. The app displays stats in both landscape and portrait view to optimize the capabilities of these mobile devices.

InGame gives the fan the ability to navigate among statistical summaries, individual stats, and a complete Play-by-Play display, without making the fan to refresh the display or click buttons to navigate. In addition to the Statistics and Play-by-Play, the app links to the school's homepage, where fans can retrieve player profiles, archived statistics, purchase school merchandise, and even join the booster club.

InGame  allows fans to use mobile devices to gain insight into game performance that goes beyond what is available to the coaches. By refreshing Statistics and Play-by-Play data within 30 seconds of game play, a fan can answer almost any question about team or individual performance.

InGame 2.0, in the App Store this June, expands the app to include features designed to drive fan interaction on game day and beyond.  It provides a unique approach to putting the school in direct contact with the sports fan.  That approach emphasizes the fans' game day experience through the use of a crisp, easy to use interface and high performance.  It is free of the clutter seen in many applications of this type.  It provides a high quality, satisfying user experience that promotes and supports the school brand.  The InGame 2.0 user interface design is unmatched in today's market.

Features include:

  • Integrated Twitter functions enable fans and the school to participate in chat sessions related to the game, even down to a specific play; special hash tags can be pre-formatted by the school to remove some of the clutter that often attends broad chat sessions
  • A link to Facebook enables fans to take advantage ofFacebooktools during the game
  • Real-time, School-initiated alerts and messages to broadcast information and promotional notices to fans
  • A Google Map feature that provides filtering, allowing fans to locate ATMs, parking, concessions, first aid stations, nearby restaurants, and other point of interest
  • An Info feature that enables fans to retrieve unlimited information on such topics as facility and campus policies, fund raising, alumni activities, etc.

The InGame app relies on Touch-screen scrollable panels to display real-time, categorized statistics for both Basketball and Football.


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